How Much Does Suboxone Addiction Treatment Cost After Insurance?

Suboxone treatments can range from $90 to $600 for an approximately one-month supply. The strength of the prescription determines the price, the number of daily doses, and whether strips or tablets will be used. Suboxone addiction treatment can be costly without insurance coverage. However, the great news is that a majority of insurance companies cover it.

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Suboxone’s price can vary greatly due to the numerous factors influencing it. Suboxone is available in various strengths and doses, which affects pricing. An individual may require one or three daily doses to keep opioid withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Most insurance companies will cover a significant portion of the expenses of Suboxone treatments. Most large insurance providers are required by the Affordable Care Act to encompass addiction rehabilitation services, which include Suboxone treatments. Not all providers cover Suboxone treatment to the same extent. Based on insurance coverage, some treatments are more expensive than others. The expense of your Suboxone medication will be determined by the amount of your deductible with your particular insurer. If you have subscribed to a monthly premium, Suboxone will have to be paid for in cash for some time until your deductible is reached. Suboxone can be expensive if you don’t have insurance. The cost will vary depending on whether tablets are chosen.


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