Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Most insurance companies cover a significant percentage of drug and alcohol rehab costs. The classification of addiction as a condition means that insurance covers have to treat this problem as a sickness. Unlike a decade ago, when addiction patients had to pay for care out of pocket, insurance policies now provide some reprieve for drug rehabilitation. However, the extent of the cover depends on several factors, including your health benefits, specific needs, and the treatment provider. This video explains how various insurance policies cover rehab and the specifics of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction and other varieties of substance abuse issues is covered by most insurance companies. The primary role of health insurance is to make medical care accessible and readily available. Several healthcare alternatives, such as Jericho Share Health Insurance, strive to get patients the care they need as well. Tens of millions suffer addiction complications annually. The prevalence of depression and anxiety has significantly increased the number of addicts in the past two years. Scary still, there are 130 Opioid-related deaths in America every day. These figures show why addiction treatment is critical and why insurance companies should include provisions for rehab patients. Alcohol and drug addiction should be treated the same as other chronic diseases and get similar consideration.


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