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Choosing the Right Insurance Plan for 2014

Ct health insurance

If you’re switching health insurance plans, do you plan to do it through one of the Connecticut health insurance exchanges which should be proliferating all over the country by the year 2014? The first of January of that year is the date on which all insurance exchanges, including Connecticut health insurance exchanges, are required to be certified by the federal government. This exchanges, if you’re not already aware, will offer health plans that are subsidized by the Fed.

This sort of Ct health insurance exchange is a great choice for those who are ineligible for private insurance because of preexisting conditions, prohibitive costs, or other eligibility hang ups. But this doesn’t mean that a Connecticut health insurance exchange is the only way to get CT health insurance, or the best way for you.

If you have a fairly “clean” medical history (light on hospitalizations and chronic conditions), then a private health carrier could be a more affordable choice for you. If you can foot the bill, getting your coverage from a private provider instead of a Connecticut health insurance exchange could be a good choice, as it’ll give you access to more varied and customizable plans that give you more control over your choice of providers, and the types of coverage you receive.

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