Why to Consider a Church Insurance Policy

Considering the wide variety of activities that take place in and around the Church, you should be in the market for a church insurance policy. After all, accidents happen all the time. The financial risk of being uninsured need not weigh down your organization.

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Watch this video to learn more about how you can protect your church financially with church insurance.

First, you should look into property coverage and general liability insurance. With these, everyone doing activities for the church will be covered for injuries, and the church’s property will be covered for damage. There is also ministers and pastors liability insurance, employment practices liability insurance, and directors officers and trustees liability insurance. There is even religious freedom insurance, which covers discrimination suits. Generally, these will all be bundled together in a single insurance package.

Sponsored activities liability insurance may need to be purchased separately. These cover activities like softball games that need to be covered differently. Churches with daycare services should also get daycare and preschool liability insurance. Have computers? You might need cyber security insurance as well. This is not an exhaustive list, unfortunately. It’s recommended that you speak to an insurance agent about your activities to make sure everything is covered properly.

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