How to Install Cellular Shades

Installing cellular shades shouldn’t be tough. People will need the cordless shades themselves. They’ll also have to get a level, a measuring tape set, a drill, screws, and a pencil. The shade installation process won’t involve many tools or pieces of equipment.

Taking the right measurements is essential in the beginning, or customers could end up with shades that are too large or too small for the windows that they have.

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In that way, the shade installation procedure can begin before people have even purchased the shades themselves. These processes will be slightly different for the shades that are located on the inside and the outside of the window frame.

Physically installing the shades involves placing metallic brackets in the right location and using them as supports for the shades. Many cellular and cordless shades have brackets like these as part of their installation kits, so people won’t have to purchase the brackets separately.

Once people have conducted the right measurements and found the ideal place for the brackets, they can secure them using the drill and screws. The material used to make the window’s frame might have some effect on the shade installation process steps, but people shouldn’t need many additional supplies.

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