Denied Insurance Coverage? An Appeal Could Save Your Life

Insurance claim letter

Sometimes it seems as if the job of insurance companies is to deny as many claims as possible. After considering it in depth, however, that is the most profitable business model for them. That is not what we give them our money for, but they are wizards at finding loopholes in insurance claims. Any possible reason there could be to deny coverage for something, unless it is directly and immediately life threatening, they can sniff it out. There are ways to go about dealing with this, though, and receiving the coverage deserved.

An insurance claim letter is one means of contesting a rejection. If one feels truly justified in needing the procedure that their insurance company denied, insurance claim letters can be composed to appeal the decision. There is no sense in lying down and giving up, especially when ones health and well being are what is at stake.

But how does one write an insurance claim letter? That is not something they teach in public school, or most college programs, even. Before shutting down the computer and running over to the nearest public library before it closes to thumb through beefy reference books for instructions, try a simple Google search. Typing in “insurance claim letter” may yield some attractive results.

There are plenty of sources online which offer insurance claim latter templates, samples, instructions, and tips to help the process along. On one of the many resourceful sites available, one will find everything which must be known in order to compose a neat, professional, eloquent insurance claim. View pictures, read steps, get tips from actual insurance agents, and internalize the format of an insurance claim letter, which somewhat resembles a business letter, as it is sort of a business transaction…big business, too, since the price could be your life.

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